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In It Together Festival 2022. RhikSamadderInItTogether2022

Featured in the Guardian, Culture Magazine Saturday 25th of June 2022

We were interviewed by Guardian reporter Rhik Samadder and photographer Alicia Canter at the festival. Which was a great fun way to end the festival. One exhausted reporter and photographer relaxed and recouped for an hour or so, taking an osteopathic treatment. Pictured left Alicia captured the blissful few moments of well needed rest and relaxation for Rhik Samadder in our comfortable snug canvas bell tent, out of the rain. Both Rhik and Alicia were great fun to be interviewed by and we hope they come back to the In It Together Festival in 2023!


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In It Together Festival 2022

Holistic Concepts is delighted to announce that we will be providing Holistic Therapies to the first ever In It Together Festival in 2022.

We aim to provide excellent service and match you with the most effective therapy for you, on the day. Please see the list of therapies were offering at the Festival and read about each therapists below.

Bookings will be available on the day, join us in the retreat area and we will welcome you and book you in!

Therapists at the In It Together Festival 2022

Our team of therapists are excited to be at the first Festival and are very much looking forward to treating you on the day. Read all about them and the offerings they will bring to you over the In It Together Festival 2022.

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Festival Hydration Therapy

Get Hydrated in the retreat area during the festival.

If you start feeling dehydrated, tired or have a headache head over to the retreat where the Holistic Concepts team can give you a bit of a pampering hydration session. We will give you a 20-30minute Epsom salt and essential oil foot bath, an electrolyte balanced drink of coconut water and electrolyte water. This will hydrate you quickly and leave you feeling completely refreshed!

It's the perfect festival tonic and should give you that second wind, to go and enjoy the rest of the festival. Come over and GET HYDRATED!

In It Together Festival 2022. ElleYogaWarriorRockOsteo2021

Elle Lewis MsOst Osteopath and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor

Elle Lewis MsOst will be utilising her skill and in depth knowledge of the body, mind and spirit to provide sports massage, aromatherapy massage and kinesio taping for festival goers on Friday the 3rd of June, 8am to 4pm. If you've got an injury, Elle is the lady that will get you through the festival or as a primary carer practitioner will signpost you to where you need to be!

In It Together Festival 2022. VenkatMeditatingIndia2022

Venkateswarlu Pitti, HCPC, Physiotherapist

Venkateswarlu Pitti (Venkat) has over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist, graduating in India from the Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Pradesh. Venkat has worked in spinal rehabilitation units and specialises in soft tissue therapy. His treatments are gentle and focus on structures that need adjusting to promote your health, wellbeing and functionality. Venkat has a quiet demeanour and listens to your words without you realising and applies what you need in your therapy. If you've had a long standing musculoskeletal problem or pain, Venkat will work with you, with ease, to overcome it. Venkat will be available at the festival from 8am to 4pm Sunday the 6th of June 2022.

In It Together Festival 2022. AlexJacksonGongSoundBath_02

Alex Jackson, Gong Master Sound Therapist

Alex Jackson is a Gong Master and has been playing therapeutic music for 25 years, he plays large group gatherings at Holistic Concepts Retreat, Bryngarw Park, Newport and in Cardiff. Alex has a vast array of Gongs and will be a real treat to experience and explore the therapeutic effects of sound and vibration at the festival.

Sound healing can bring balance, relaxation and a sense of wholeness to the body. The sound of harmonic vibrations created are intended to stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves. These waves are associated with deeply meditative and peaceful states of being that are highly conducive to healing. Sound can also slow down the heart and respiratory rate, creating a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. No experience is needed just bring a mat, blanket, a cushion and relax.

Alex will be offering 20 minute sessions of his exquisite Gong Sound Healing Therapy, for One to One or groups of up to Three people on Saturday the 4th of June from 8am to 4pm.

In It Together Festival 2022. PsioFBIamge_2020

Psio, Numberologist

Psio is a Numberlologist. This is the study of numbers and how those numbers apply to the world we live in.

Psio will do a numberology reading focusing on your name and date of birth as the subject matter. He will blow you away as he describes you to the core of yourself, without you saying much more. Psio identifies your greatest characteristics by the numbers which are allocated to your name and date of birth. He works with you, to give you the information you need to be your best self. Psio has a calling to help people, help themselves. He seeks your truth, to give you clarity in your present, to help you forward, to your best future.

Psio has worked with Holistic Concepts to develop the brand and is a large entity that brings us all here, at the In It Together Festival today. He is charismatic, an absolute joy and will certainly be the best part of your day.

Psio will be available for numberology readings over the In It Together Festival from 8am to 4pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bring your phone to record the session, you won't want to forget it!

In It Together Festival 2022. LaureBoutrais_01

Laure Boutrais, Naturopath and Founder of Absorb Water Kefir

Laure believes in taking charge of your health the natural way. She studied Naturopathy at the School of Naturopathic Nutrition in Cardiff, to better understand her body.

In 2017 Laure founded Absorb, with a goal on helping people improve their health via the gut microbiome to increase overall health, vitality and stamina. She makes and distributes water kefir, a sparkling natural probiotic drink in delicious flavours, like Lavender. Laure’s water kefir will be available in the retreat area over the festival. Laure also runs gut health workshops, produces delicious raw kraut and naturopathic nutritional consultations.

Laure will be providing Naturopathy taster consultations, where she can advise you on how to improve your health and gut absorption. She will also be providing Hydration therapy over the weekend, available from 8am to 4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the Festival.

In It Together Festival 2022. HelenHerenNow_02

Helen Mayers, Holistic Therapist

Helen became a Holistic Therapist in 2005, she runs a successful business Becalm Relax, in Aberkenfig.

Helen has a passion for her work and is always striving to learn more. She began working at a special needs school and over the years have integrated in to her therapy aspects of sensory, communication, behaviour management and educational skills. Helen gives a lot to her community and thrives on helping children with special needs. She has been awarded The Best Practice award for Story Massage.

Helen will be providing massage and Indian Head Massage over the festival weekend from 8am to 4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In It Together Festival 2022. JillGrangeBellyDancing_01

Jill Grange, Reiki Master and Naturopath

Jill Grange began her reiki journey 16 years ago and became a reiki master in 2010. She has been studying Naturopathic Nutrition at the School of Naturopathic Nutrition in Cardiff.

Jill regularly puts on Chakra balancing Belly Dance classes at Tyn Cellar Farm in Margam, which are a real treat to partake in and a huge amount of fun. Jill has a zest for life and vibrancy that is a total joy to be around.

Jill will be providing Reiki and Naturopathic Hydration Therapy at the festival, she will be available from 8am to 4pm on Sunday.

In It Together Festival 2022. RachaelDavies_02

Rachael Davies, Holistic Beauty Therapist

Rachael has been a Holistic Beauty Therapist for 17 years, she runs her own business Holistic Beauty. She is passionate about her work and offers natural beauty therapies. Rachael will be providing Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, facials and Indian head massage from 8am to 4pm Friday and Saturday.

Racheal is a wonderful local therapist and an absolute pleasure to have on the team, she strives to offer natural beauty options to clients, in this modern world. Book in with Rachael for a treat at the festival and a wealth of knowledge, of how to look after your beauty naturally.

In It Together Festival 2022. ChrisRobbinsFesstival_01

Chris Robbins, Astrologer

Ever wanted your Birth Astrology chart created and explained, this is your opportunity. Chris will be able to provide you with your Astrology chart at the festival. He will guide you through the most important snippets of the stars in the sky, the day you were born and how that interprets in to your life. It takes a lifetime to learn everything Astrological and he hopes to inspire you on your journey to the stars. Chris will be available at the In It Together Festival 8am to 4pm Friday to Saturday.

Please bring your date of birth, time and place of birth, which enables Chris Robbins to accurately create your Birth Chart. You may also want to bring your phone to record the session. Chris is an extremely talented Astrologer, we are honoured to have him on the Holistic Concepts team at the In It Together Festival.

In It Together Festival 2022. BrettSummers_01

Brett Summers, Holistic Therapist

Brett is a Cardiff based reflexologist and reiki healer, at Divine Holistic Healing, where he has been providing holistic therapies for 6 years. Brett works with the body's natural energy aiming to reduce stress, anxiety, pain or any other physical or emotional matter, with reflexology and reiki.

Reflexology is the art of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points found in the feet and hands, stimulating the nervous system, boosting the immune system, creating a stronger body and calmer mind. Reflexology is an ancient therapy and is incredibly relaxing to receive.

In a reiki treatment Brett identifies energetic imbalances through the body. He aims to align your 7 major energy chakras and cleanse your aura, helping you to heal and restore your energy system. A perfect way to relax mid festival and have a few minutes to yourself. Brett will be available 8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday throughout the festival.

In It Together Festival 2022. EmmaPhillips_01

Emma Phillips, Naturopath

Emma is a Naturopath, based in Cardiff, where she created and runs The School of Naturopathic Nutrition with her husband Steve Phillips. Emma's students undergo a journey of self discovery and healing as they study with her and qualify with a diploma in naturopathic nutrition.

Emma's mission is to empower people to regain control of their life and health: enabling them to create positive changes and to become fully aligned with their purpose. This means students have more energy and time to spend doing the things they love, and it may even lead them to becoming naturopathic nutrition practitioners themselves. The team draw on their professional experiences which combine to over 30 years, they are a family business and pride themselves on taking a personal approach, supporting each individual’s needs.

Emma will be available for taster naturopathic consultations during Friday and Sunday over the weekend. We are very lucky to have her here, book in with Emma and start your healing journey!

In It Together Festival 2022. JacobWilkinson_ModernGold

Jacob Wilkinson soon to Graduate as an Osteopath

Jacob Wilkinson is a keen sportsman and athlete. He is very excited to be joining the Holistic Concepts Therapies team, about to graduate from his Masters in Osteopathy from Swansea University. Jacob is a soft tissue and kinesio taping therapist, a 200m runner and dedicated to both his sport and profession.

With a keen interest and knowledge of functional anatomy Jacob will assist you through the festival in stabilising any injuries or aches and pains, so you can carry on enjoying the festival.

In It Together Festival 2022. BanksyColinRobertsonPeace2022

Colin Robertson, Ursa Tarot Reader

Colin has been a Tarot reader for over 15 years, he began his interest as a sceptic and soon found the cards to be too specific for him to consider it, a coincidence. Colin is now a professional tarot card reader, with clients all over the world, he also teaches tarot reading to individuals and in groups.

Colin loves the way tarot resonates with the person for whom is he providing a reading. It gives him great joy to help individuals navigate their way through difficulties, and leave a reading feeling lighter in heart and clearer of mind. He has been told by clients that his reading have changed their lives or given them strength to walk the path ahead. Colin enjoys helping people and gets excited with the surprise, that the tarot cards bring.

Colin has designed and produced his own tarot deck using Banksy images, which he will be bringing to the In It Together Festival. Colin will be available with his own design Banksy deck of tarot cards from 8am to 4pm Friday and Saturday during the Festival. Bring your phone to record the session.

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